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Proposition 1B Reports

Senate Bill 88 designates the California Transportation Commission as the administrative agency for the Corridor Mobility Improvement Account, Route 99, Trade Corridor Improvement Account, State & Local Partnership, Local Bridge Seismic Retrofit Account, Highway Railroad Crossing Safety Account, STIP and SHOPP programs funded by Proposition 1B. As the administrative agency, the Commission is required to report on a semiannual basis to the Department of Finance on the progress of the projects in these Proposition 1B programs. The purpose of the report is to ensure that the projects are being executed in a timely manner and within the approved scope and budget.

The Proposition 1B Semi-Annual Status Report, issued in July of each year, the Commission's Annual Report , issued in December, and the Proposition 1B Quarterly Reports, issued by the Department of Transportation, provide the reporting mandated by Senate Bill 88.