Road Charge Technical Advisory Committee

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The California Road Charge Technical Advisory Committee was established in 2014 by Senate Bill 1077 (DeSaulnier - Chapter 835, Statutes of 2014). SB 1077 created the California Road Usage Charge Pilot Program and tasked the Chair of the Commission, in consultation with the California State Transportation Agency (CalSTA) to convene a fifteen member Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) to study road usage charge alternatives to the gas tax, gather public comment, and make recommendations to CalSTA regarding the design of a road usage charge pilot program. The law further specifies that the TAC may make recommendations on the criteria to be used to evaluate the pilot program. CalSTA is charged with implementing a pilot program by January 1, 2017, and reporting its findings on the pilot program to the TAC, the Commission, and the appropriate policy and fiscal committees of the Legislature by June 30, 2018. The Commission must include its recommendations regarding the pilot program in its annual report to the Legislature.

California Road Charge Pilot Program Information

Committee Meeting Information

Committee Membership

Committee Roster Organization Title Area of Representation
Chair Jim Madaffer California Transportation Commission Commissioner California Transportation Commission
Vice-Chair Stephen Finnegan Automobile Club of Southern California Manager of Government & Community Affairs Highway User Groups
Senator Jim Beall California Senate Senator Legislature
Assemblymember David Chiu California Assembly Assemblymember Legislature
Lisa Bartlett Orange County Board of Supervisors Supervisor Regional Transportation Agency
Susan Ornelas City of Arcata Mayor Regional Transportation Agency
Terry Benzel USC Information Sciences Institute Deputy Director Data Security and Privacy Industry
Loren Kaye Foundation for Commerce and Education President Business and Economy
Richard Marcantonio Public Advocates, Inc. Managing Attorney Social Equity
Pam O'Connor City of Santa Monica Councilmember Regional Transportation Agency
Nidhi Kalra RAND Corporation Senior Information Scientist Telecommunications Industry
Robert Poythress City of Madera Mayor Regional Transportation Agency
Eric Sauer California Trucking Association Vice-President of Policy & Government Relations Highway User Groups
Lee Tien Electronic Frontier Foundation Senior Attorney Privacy Rights Advocacy
Martin Wachs UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs Professor Emeritus of Urban Planning National Research and Policymaking

Reference Information

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Links to articles and reports related to the concept of road usage charging:

American Enterprise Institute

America’s surface transportation system faces a range of serious problems, which hamper its performance. Traffic congestion is a growing problem. Congested roads wasted 6.9 billion hours of motorists’ travel time and almost 3.1 billion gallons of fuel in 2014. Moreover, congestion’s overall social costs are growing rapidly over time. The congestion "invoice" in the United States for added fuel and time costs grew from $42 billion in 1982 to about $160 billion in 2014.

R. Richard Geddes, The American Enterprise Institute:


U.S. infrastructure suffers from a serious funding gap. In the quest to raise more money for infrastructure, the Trump administration recently proposed an increase in the federal gas tax. This has drawn renewed attention to America's infrastructure challenges.

Steve Odland and Rick Geddes, CNBC:

Capital Public Radio

Every time you pump gas in California, a portion of that price-per-gallon goes to building and maintaining the state’s roads. The system worked well for decades as most people’s cars got roughly the same gas mileage, and hybrid or electric cars were scarce. However, in recent years that equation is not working as it once did.

Randol White, Capital Public Radio:

Contact the Technical Advisory Committee

For additional California Road Charge Pilot Program information, contact:

Garth Hopkins
Deputy Director - Planning
California Transportation Commission
Phone: (916) 653-3148

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