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Aeronautics Program

The Aeronautics Program is a fiscally constrained biennial three-year program of projects, which comes from a 10-year unconstrained Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) from eligible airports. The Aeronautics Account, which receives revenues from state general aviation fuel taxes, combined with local funds, is used to match Federal Airport Improvement Program (AIP) grants and funds capital outlay projects at public-use airports through the Acquisition and Development (A&D) element of the California Aid to Airports Program (CAAP). The CAAP also includes a statutory annual credit grant program, which provides annual non-discretionary grants of $10,000 for each general aviation airport in the state. Aeronautics Account funds are applied first to Caltrans aeronautics operations and the annual credit grant program. Any remaining funds are then available for the projects in the Aeronautics Program as adopted by the Commission.

Technical Advisory Committee on Aeronautics

Government Code Section 14506.5 requires the Commission's Chair to appoint a Technical Advisory Committee on Aeronautics (TACA). TACA provides technical advice to the Commission's Committee on Aeronautics on the full range of aviation issues to be considered by the Commission.

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