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  • Aeronautics Committee
    • Commissioners Fran Inman and Joseph Tavaglione
    • Considers issues relating to aeronautics
    • Meets as determined by the Commission
    • Seeks technical advice, as deemed necessary, from the Technical Advisory Committee on Aeronautics on aviation issues to be considered by the Commission
  • Committee on Mass Transportation
    • Commissioners Yvonne Burke and Carl Guardino
    • Considers issues related to the movement of groups of people within urban areas, between rural communities, and between cities
    • Meets as determined by the Commission
  • Committee on Streets and Highways
    • Commissioners Jim Ghielmetti and Joseph Tavaglione
    • Recommends consent calendar items or items for presentation as non-consent items
    • Meets as determined by the Commission
  • Planning Committee
  • Project Delievery Committee
  • Road Charge Technical Advisory Committee

Task Forces