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Active Transportation Program (ATP)

The Active Transportation Program (ATP) was created by Senate Bill 99 (Chapter 359, Statutes of 2013) and Assembly Bill 101 (Chapter 354, Statutes of 2013) to encourage increased use of active modes of transportation, such as biking and walking. The ATP consolidates various transportation programs - including the federal Transportation Alternatives Program, state Bicycle Transportation Account, and federal and state Safe Routes to School programs - into a single program to:

  • Increase the proportion of biking and walking trips
  • Increase mobility and safety for non-motorized users
  • Advance the efforts of regional agencies to achieve greenhouse gas reduction goals
  • Enhance public health, including the reduction of childhood obesity through the use of projects eligible for Safe Routes to Schools Program funding
  • Ensure disadvantaged communities fully share in program benefits (25% of program)
  • Provide a broad spectrum of projects to benefit many types of active transportation users

Program funding is segregated into three components and is distributed as follows:

  • 50% to the state for a statewide competitive program
  • 10% to small urban and rural regions with populations of 200,000 or less for the small urban and rural area competitive program, and
  • 40% to Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPO) in urban areas with populations greater than 200,000 for the large urbanized area competitive program.

2019 Active Transportation Program

2017 Active Transportation Program Augmentation

2017 Active Transportation Program Greenhouse Gas Reduction Funds

Project ID Original ATP Application GGRF Supplemental Material
3-Rancho Cordova-1 Folsom South Canal Trail Crossing Improvements at White Rock Road Rancho Cordova- GGRF
3-Sacramento-3 Franklin Blvd Class IV Bikeway Sacramento-GGRF
3-South Lake Tahoe-1 Sierra Blvd Trail Project South Lake Tahoe-GGRF
3-Truckee-1 Truckee River Trail Phase 4 Truckee-GGRF
4-Palo Alto-1 San Antonio Avenue Bikeway Palo Alto-GGRF
5-Hollister-1 Safe Connections and Complete Streets Hollister-GGRF
6-Fresno-4 Downtown Courthouse Park Project Fresno-GGRF
6-Kern County Road Dept-2 Virginia Street Pedestrian Path Project Kern County-GGRF
6-McFarland-2 Kern Avenue Elementary SR2S McFarland-GGRF
6-Shafter-1 School Access Improvements Shafter-GGRF
6-Taft-1 6th Street Sidewalk Pedestrian Improvements Taft-GGRF
6-Wasco-1 Palm Avenue Bike and Pedestrian Project Wasco-GGRF
7-Artesia-1 Norwalk Artesia Boulevards Safe Streets Projects Artesia-GGRF
7-Compton-1 Compton-Carson Regional Safe Bike & Wayfinding Project Compton-GGRF
7-Downey-1 South Downey Safe Routes to School Program Downey-GGRF
7-LA County Metro-2 Metro Bike Share USC/South LA/Expo Line Expansion LA Metro-GGRF
7-Montebello-1 Montebello Blvd Bike Lane and Sidewalk Project Montebello-GGRF
7-San Gabriel Valley Council of Governments-1 Bike Share Expansion into the San Gabriel Valley SGVCOG-GGRF
7-Ventura County-1 Central Avenue Pedestrian Improvements Ventury County-GGRF
7-Ventura County-2 Potrero Road Bike Lanes Phase 1 Ventura County-GGRF
8-Cathedral City-1 Cathedral City Pedestrian Safety Improvements Cathedral City-GGRF
8-Redlands-1 East Valley Corridor Bike Route Project Redlands-GGRF
8-Rialto-2 Cactus Avenue Multi Use Path Rialto-GGRF
8-Riverside-1 La Sierra Sidewalk Improvements Riverside-GGRF
9-California City-1 Redwood Blvd Sidewalk/Pedestrian Improvements California City-GGRF
10-San Joaquin County-1 Woodbridge School Access Improvements SJ County-GGRF
10-San Joaquin County-2 Elmwood Elementary School Access Improvements SJ County-GGRF


2017 Active Transportation Program


Adopted Programs

Final Scores

Staff Recommendations


Other Documents

Policy on ATP Scope Amendments and Allocation Advancements

2017 ATP Scoring Rubrics

Final Adopted 2017 ATP Guidelines

2017 ATP Fund Estimate

Project Study Report (PSR) Guidelines


2015 ATP

Adopted Programs

Staff Recommendations


Program Guidelines

The guidelines of the 2015 ATP were adopted on March36, 2015. Guidelines for the program were developed in consultation with a workgroup that included representatives of government agencies and active transportation stakeholders with expertise in pedestrian and bicycle issues and Safe Routes to School Programs. The program guidelines describe the policies and criteria used in selecting projects to be included in the program.


2014 ATP

Adopted Program

The Statewide and Small Urban and Rural components of the 2014 ATP were adopted on August 20, 2014. Please note that the adoption of the 2014 ATP, Statewide and Small Urban and Rural components, is not authorization to begin work on a project. Contracts may not be awarded and/or work cannot begin until an allocation is approved by the Commission for a project in the adopted program.

Contact Information

For additional program information, contact Laurie Waters (Laurie.Waters@dot.ca.gov, 916-651-6145)