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2015 Successful Project Applications


ALA - 19th Street BART to Lake Merritt Urban Greenway
ALA - Berkeley 9th Street Bicycle Boulevard Extension Pathway Phase II

AMA - Main Street Shenandoah Routes to School Project

BUT - Almond St Gateway Improvements
BUT - Downtown Paradise Equal Mobility Project
BUT - Memorial Trailway Class I Enhancements
BUT - Ponderosa Elementary SR2S Project
BUT - South Oroville SRTS Lincoln Blvd and Las Plumas Ave
BUT - SRTS B Street and 2nd Street Sidewalk Improvement Project
BUT - State Route 99 Bikeway Phase 4 Improvement

CC – Bailey Road SR 4 Interchange Pedestrian and Bicycle Improvement Project
CC – Rio Vista Elementary School Pedestrian Connection Project
CC – The Yellow Brick Road in Richmonds Iron Triangle Neighborhood

COL – Colusa County Safe Routes to School Plan

DN – Sunset Circle Multi Use Trail

ED – Al Tahoe Boulevard Safety and Mobility Enhancement Project
ED – South Tahoe Greenway Shared Use Train Phases 1b and 2

FRE – Laton Sidewalk
FRE – Manning Avenue Sidewalk Project
FRE – Sanger Safe Routes to School Project

HUM – Arcata Safe Routes to School Improvements 2015
HUM – Hoopa Valley Safe Routes to School Project
HUM – K-8 School SRTS Safety Improvement and Community Outreach Project
HUM – Manila Moves Campaign and Shared Use Path
HUM – South Fortuna Elementary School SRTS Project
HUM – Van Wycke Bicycle and Pedestrian Connectivity Project

INY – Spruce Yaney Hanby Sidewalks

KER – A Street Improvements
KER – Bakersfield City School District Active Transportation Enhancement Program
KER – Kern Region Active Transportation Program Plan
KER – Lamont Pedestrian Improvement Project
KER – Mojave Pedestrian Improvement Project
KER – Rail Corridor

LA – 10th Street West Road Diet and Bikeway Improvements
LA – Aviation LAX Green Line Station Community Linkages
LA – Boyle Heights Pedestrian Linkages
LA – City of Arcadia Bicycle Facility Improvement
LA – Delta Avenue Bicycle Boulevard
LA – Expo Station 4th Street Linkages to Downtown and Civic Center
LA – Hawthorne Lennox Green Line Station Community Linkages
LA – LAUSD Middle School Bicycle Safety Physical Education Program
LA – Long Beach Boulevard Pedestrian Improvements
LA – Los Nietos SRTS Phase I
LA – Michigan Ave Greenway Completing BikePed Expo Connection Over the I10
LA – Orange Line Sherman Way Pedestrian Links
LA – Pedestrian and Bicycle Neighborhood Intersection Enhancements
LA – Pedestrian Gap Closure Improvements
LA – Pico Rivera Regional Bikeway Project
LA – Rosemead Boulevard Complete Street Improvements Phase 1
LA – Rosemead SRTS Project
LA – Union Station Master Plan Alameda Esplanade
LA – Vincent Community Bikeways
LA – Washington Culver Pedestrian and Cyclist Safety Project
LA – West Carson Community Bikeways
LA – Whittier Greenway Trail East Extension Gap Closure
LA – Willowbrook Rosa Parks Pedestrian Promenade and Bike Mobility Hub

LAK – Middletown Multi Use Path
LAK – Upper Lake Pedestrian Improvements

MAD – Fresno River Trail Safe Routes Project

MEN – Northwestern Pacific Rail Trail Phase 2
MEN – SR 162 Corridor Multi Purpose Trail Phase I Construction
MEN – SR 162 Corridor Multi Purpose Trail Phase II

MER – Active Transportation Plan SRTS Plan
MER – Lobo Avenue Complete Street Project
MER – Walnut Avenue Complete Street Upgrade Segment 2

MNO – Mammoth Creek Gap Closure Project

MON – Active Transportation Demand Management Plan
MON – Alvin Drive and Linwood Drive Safe Routes to School Improvements
MON – Bardin Road Safe Routes to School Improvements
MON – West Broadway Urban Village Infrastructure Improvements

NEV – Glenshire Drive Pedestrian and Bicycle Improvements Project

ORA – Civic Center Bike Boulevard
ORA – Edinger Protected Bike Lanes Project
ORA – Santa Ana and Fifth Protected Bike Lane

PLA – Route 89 Fanny Bridge Community Revitalization

RIV – 3rd Place Sidewalk and Roadway Safety Improvements
RIV – SRTS East Riverside

SAC – North 12th Complete Street
SAC – Power Inn Road Sidewalk Improvements

SB – Old Town Sidewalk Infill
SB – Safe Routes to School Carpinteria at Voluntario Pedestrian Improvements Project
SB – UC Santa Barbara North Campus Open Space Multi Modal Trail Project

SBD – Big Bear Blvd Pedestrian and Bicycle Mobility Project
SBD – Etiwanda Corridor Improvements
SBD – Regional Connector Project
SBD – Sidewalk Gap Closure SRTS Project
SBD – Willow Street Shared Use Paseo
SBD – Yucca Valley Elementary School Sidewalks

SCR – Bicycle Route Signage Project
SCR – Branciforte Creek Bicycle Pedestrian Bridge
SCR – Citywide Safe Routes to School Crossing Improvement Program
SCR – Rail Trail from Watsonville Slough Trailhead to Walker Street

SD – El Portal Pedestrian and Bike Underpass
SD – Euclid and Market Complete Street Project
SD – San Diego Bayshore Bikeway Barrio Logan Segment
SD – Sweetwater River Bikeway Connections 30th Street Bicycle Facility Improvements

SHA – Diestelhort to Downtown Non Motorized Improvement Project
SHA – GoShasta Active Transport Plan
SHA – Junction School SRTS
SHA – Old Oregon Trail Shasta College Active Transportation Plan
SHA – Quartz Hill Road Active Transportation Project

SJ – Active Transportation Plan in Greater Downtown District

SLO – Railroad Safety Trail Raft to Pepper Segment
SLO – SRTS Learn By Doing Active Transportation Program

SM – 2020 Sustainable Transportation Encouragement Project
SM – Central Corridor Bike Ped Safety Improvements
SM – Linden Spruce Avenues Traffic Calming Improvements

STA – Christofferson Pkwy Ped and Bike Improvements with Connectors
STA – Linwood Avenue Pedestrian and Bicycle Improvements

TRI – Trinity County Active Transportation Plan

TUL – Pixley Main Street Improvements
TUL – Traver Jacob Street Improvements

YUB – Seventh Ave Bicycle Path and Pedestrian Route Improvements