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2017 Successful Project Applications

ALA – 14th Street Safe Routes in the City
ALA – Fruitvale Alive Gap Closure

BUT – Esplanade Corridor Safety and Accessibility Improvement Project
BUT – Oroville SR 162 Pedestrian Bicycle Disabled Mobility and Safety Improvements

FRE – Midtown Fresno School Area Multimodal Interconnectivity Project
FRE – Midtown Fresno Trail McKinley Avenue Gap Closure

HUM – Fortuna and McKinley Active Transportation Education Program

KER – ATP - SRTS Delano Sidewalk Gap Closure
KER – Boron Desert Lake Pedestrian Path
KER – Delano ATP3 SRTS Intersection Enhancement and Education Project
KER – Rexland Acres Community Sidewalk Project
KER – Rosemond Boulevard Pedestrian Path Project

LA – 2020 SRTS Pedestrian Improvements
LA – Atlantic Avenue Bicycle and Pedestrian Enhancement Project
LA – City of Huntington Park - Uncontrolled Crosswalk SRTS Ped Safety Project
LA – City of Fernando Pacoima Wash Bike - Ped Path Phase 1
LA – Garfield Avenue Complete Streets Corridor
LA – Jefferson Boulevard Complete Street Project
LA – Los Nietos SRTS - Phase II
LA – Slauson Blue Line Station Intersection Improvements
LA – Spring Street Bicycle Lane Gap Closure Project - Signal Hill
LA – West Santa Ana Branch Bikeway Phase 2

LAK – Hartley Street SRTS Project - Lakeport, CA

MEN – Fort Bragg Coastal Trail Phase II

MON – Via Salinas Valley - An Active Transportation Education Program


PLA – Dry Creek Greenway Multi-Use Trail Project Roseville

RIV – Juan Bautista De Anza Trail Gap Closure
RIV – La Quinta Village Complete Streets - Road Diet Project
RIV – Palm Drive Bicycle and Pedestrian Improvement Project 2016

SAC – 47th Ave Pedestrian and Bicycle Improvements

SB – Eastside Green Lanes and Bike Boulevard Gap Closure
SB – Rincon Multi-use Trail
SB – SR2S Improvements at Intersection of Highway 246 and Sycamore Drive
SB – Westside Bike Boulevard Gap Closure

SBD – Little League Drive Pedestrian Improvements

SBO – Safe Connections and Complete Streets for West Side of Hollister

SCL – Sunnyvale SNAIL Neighborhood Active Transportation Connectivity Improvements

SCR – Rail Trail Segment 8 and 9 Design and Environmental Review

SD – Imperial Avenue Bikeway

SHA – Bechelli Lane and Loma Vista Active Transportation Corridor Improvements

SOL – East Tabor Tolenas SRTS Gap Closure Project

SON – SMART Pathway - Petaluma (Payran to Southpoint)

STA – Ceres - Citywide Active Transportation Plan
STA – Paradise Road Area Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Improvements

TEH – First Street Class 2 Bike Lanes

YUB – Eleventh Avenue Pedestrian and Bicyclist Route Improvements
YUB – Marysville Bicycle and Pedestrian Improvement Project