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High Occupancy Toll Lanes (HOT Lanes)

Assembly Bill 1467 (Nunez), approved by the Governor May 19, 2006, authorizes that, until January 1, 2012, RTAs, in cooperation with the Department of Transportation (Department) may apply to the Commission to develop and operate high-occupancy toll (HOT) lanes, including the administration and operation of a value pricing program and exclusive or preferential lane facilities for public transit, as specified.  The number of projects that may be approved is limited to four, two in Northern California and two in Southern California.

AB 1467 provides that the Legislature will select the HOT lane project(s). The Commission’s role in implementing this legislation is limited to establishing eligibility criteria, determining whether each HOT lane application is eligible, holding public hearings in both Northern and Southern California for each eligible application, and submitting eligible application(s) and any public comments to the Legislature for approval or rejection.  Approval is achieved by enactment of a statute.

The proposed eligibility criteria and procedures for the Commission to evaluate HOT lane project eligibility are set in the Commission’s HOT Lane Guidelines.   In addition, the Commission has developed an application for RTAs to use to apply for a HOT lane project. (Both files are below)

HOT Lane Guidelines (Approved 10/24/2007)

HOT Lane Application Template

Toll Facility Application Guidelines Implementing AB 194 (Frazier, 2015)


Authorized Projects

Metropolitan Transportation Commission Bay Area Express Lanes

RCTC HOT Lane (Interstate 15 in Riverside County)

LA Metro HOT Lane (Interstate 110 in Los Angeles County)